What Is a Grand Touring Car Trim Level?

What Does It Mean If a Car Is a Grand Touring Model?

What Is a Grand Touring Car Trim Level?

Those who are familiar with Mazda models and their trim levels may know that many vehicles from the brand have trim levels with names like Sport, Touring and Grand Touring. In most cases, the Grand Touring model is the top-of-the-line, delivering the absolute best that the vehicle has to offer. But even if you aren’t familiar with Mazda, you’ve probably come across the term elsewhere. So, what is a Grand Touring car trim level and what does the name mean anyway?

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Definition of a Grand Touring Car

In some cases, you might see a Grand Touring model referred to instead as the abbreviated form, GT. In other instances, it might be called Gran Turismo or Grand Tourer.

The Grand Tourer term actually derives from Gran Turismo, which is Italian and reflects the Grand Tour, a tradition from before the introduction of the railroad where young, wealthy people would take a trip across Europe. In keeping with that spirit, a Grand Tourer would therefore be a model capable of traveling long distances at high speed.

old vintage car on the grand tourWhat Does Grand Touring Mean in Modern Times?

The Gran Turismo term initially became popular with cars that blended both luxury and performance, therefore a car that could be driven in style while still delivering a high level of performance These days, of course, the Grand Touring or GT terms are much more widespread. While the term can still sometimes refer to a model that is more high performance than the rest, it can also simply refer to a vehicle that delivers the most and the very best features, or perhaps even a combination of those two qualities.

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So, when it comes to Mazda, what is a Grand Touring car trim level? Usually it signifies a model equipped with top-of-the-line amenities for comfort, safety and technology, and even sometimes for performance. If you have more questions about Mazda trim levels and their features, be sure to contact us at Mazda of Lodi.