Enjoy Driving More Knowing Your Wheel and Tires Are Covered With a Mazda Protection Plan

What Is Covered Under Mazda Tire and Wheel Protection

Mazda Tire and Wheel Protection covers a wide range of necessary tire/wheel repairs.

What Is Covered Under Mazda Tire and Wheel Protection

There’s no doubt you’ll want to take care of your new Mazda, and thankfully, Mazda provides plenty of ways for you to have peace of mind. In addition to the typical warranty, there are many protection plans that can be purchased for your Mazda at an affordable price, with one of those being coverage for the tires and wheels. So, let’s take a look at what is covered under Mazda Tire and Wheel Protection.

mazda flat tire protectionWhat Is Included in Mazda Tire and Wheel Protection Coverage

  1. Covered Road Hazards: Includes pot holes and debris (such as wood, rocks, metal, plastic, etc.) that causes abnormal wear and tear.
  2. Flat Tire Coverage: Have a flat tire? With Tire and Wheel Protection you can get reimbursed for the repair charges.
  3. Tire Replacement: Non-repairable tires from snags, cuts, punctures or other hazards that need replacement are covered.
  4. Wheel/Rim Protection: Reimbursement also available for failure of wheels covered under the contract requiring repair or replacement.
  5. Mounting/Balancing/Taxes: In addition to receiving reimbursement for any tire that falls under the agreement, local and state taxes where applicable will be taken care of for the covered repair.

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Benefits of Mazda Tire and Wheel Protection

Since tires and wheels can be expensive, this coverage is designed to help you enjoy your driving rather than worrying about potential repairs. Plus, to make things flexible for you, coverage is offered in three or five year terms.

Furthermore, we know that nobody wants to sign a protection plan for their vehicle only to have to pay expensive deductibles or replacement costs later. Thankfully, with Mazda Tire and Wheel Protection, there are no replacement cost limits and no deductibles. You also have the added benefit of emergency roadside assistance.

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As you can see by what is covered under Mazda Tire and Wheel Protection, damage to your tires from rough roads or unexpected roadway debris no longer needs to be a concern. You’ll still want to drive safe out there, but if something does happen, you can know what you and your Mazda are covered. Feel free to contact us at Mazda of Lodi to learn more.