Active Adaptive Shift Control Enhances Your Mazda Driving Experience

By Product Expert | Posted in Mazda Technology on Tuesday, October 4th, 2016 at 2:30 pm
What Is Mazda Active Adaptive Shift Control?

What Is Mazda Active Adaptive Shift Control?

Your Mazda6 may come with something called Active Adaptive Shift Control. It’s not exactly new, but it may be a feature you were unaware of, as most drivers won’t even know when it’s in action. So, what is Mazda Active Adaptive Shift Control and how does it help your driving experience? Let’s find out.

Active Adaptive Shift Control, or AAS, has the ability to automatically adjust transmission shift points. Now, it doesn’t choose to do this at random. Instead, it is capable of detecting roadway conditions and your actual driving style to determine if an adjustment is necessary.

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Benefits of Mazda AAS

2017 mazda6 driving on city roadBeing a midsize sedan, the Mazda6 is certainly capable of providing that upscale and relaxing driving experience. But sometimes, it can be nice to put your foot to the pedal and cruise around some winding back roads, which is one driving experience AAS is suited for.

When you’re driving around corners, or traversing a hill, AAS may keep the transmission in a lower gear longer than might be typical. In doing so, the system is able to provide you with enhanced control and a driving experience that makes you feel more connected to your vehicle than before. You’ll notice enhanced acceleration when coming out of a corner and quick downshifting when it’s required. The Active Adaptive Shift Control’s ability to hold lower gears longer can also be beneficial when passing vehicles on the highway.

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Like we said, you’re unlikely to even realize when the Mazda Active Adaptive Shift Control system is working, but believe us when we say that it is a key component to your thrilling Mazda driving experience. Be sure to return to the Mazda of Lodi blog to learn more about your Mazda.