Mazda Rear Vehicle Monitoring System

Mazda’s Rear Vehicle Monitoring System

What is Mazda’s Rear Vehicle Monitoring System?

Many new Mazda vehicles are equipped with a number of active safety technologies that help you stay safe behind the wheel. Mazda has a fully developed suite of active safety technology. Let’s take a closer look at one of these pieces, the Rear Vehicle Monitoring System.

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Rear Vehicle Monitoring System

The Rear Vehicle Monitoring System* (RVM) in Mazda vehicles was built to help alert the driver of danger when changing lanes. The Rear Vehicle Monitoring System uses quasi-milliwave radars that are mounted on the rear bumper to measure the distance of cars approaching from behind your Mazda or in neighboring lanes.

This 24GHz quasi-milliwave radar is resistant to harsh weather and solar radiation making it more efficient. It is able to detect vehicles over a wide area and it can accurately detect vehicles approaching from behind while you are driving at high speeds. It warns the driver if there is danger when changing lanes by alarm and warning lamp.

This system is similar to the Blind Spot Monitoring system, which alerts the driver if there is a vehicle detected in the blind spot when the driver indicates to change lanes. The RVM can work at speeds as low as 10 mph, so it can work in a variety of driving situations.

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*RVM may not perform as expected due to factors such as bad weather (rain, snow, fog, etc.). Additionally, it may not appropriately detect certain types of vehicles, like small motorcycles, low vehicles, etc.