Where to Find Your Mazda VIN

Find Your Mazda VIN for Service, Recalls and More

Where to Find Your Mazda VIN

You vehicle’s VIN is used for all sorts of things, from gathering information about your model to enrolling in auto insurance. Unfortunately, many drivers are confused about where to find this number. To help you out, we’ll show you where to find your Mazda VIN.

The term “VIN” is short for Vehicle Identification Number, and it legally identifies your vehicle. It should be a total of 17 digits long. So, where do you find it?

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where is the mazda vin locatedWhere is the Mazda Vehicle Identification Number located?

The VIN on your Mazda is easy to find. In fact, you shouldn’t have to even enter the vehicle. Simply go out to your car and stand on the driver’s side of your Mazda, near the windshield. Looking through the windshield from the outside, you should find a plate attached to the cowl panel, which you’ll find on the driver’s side of the dashboard.

This plate should display your Mazda VIN for you to copy down. Another easy way to find it is on the paperwork for your vehicle registration or on your insurance card if you already have it. In addition, the VIN may also be found on the interior portion of your vehicle’s door frame.

What is your Mazda VIN for?

As we said above, you may need you Mazda Vehicle Identification Number for enrolling in auto insurance, but beyond that, your VIN might be used when servicing your vehicle, contacting customer assistance or looking up any Mazda recalls should they occur. It’s a useful number for identifying your exact vehicle.

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