What Actor’s Voice Is in the Mazda Driving Matters Commercials?

Who Does the Voice Over in the Mazda Commercials

Many may recognize the voice of the actor in Mazda’s Driving Matters commercials, but be surprised to find out who it is.

Who Does the Voice Over in the Mazda Commercials

Not long ago, Mazda launched the Driving Matters advertising campaign, which features a number of TV commercials that highlight Mazda’s 2016 models. These commercials are some of the best we’ve seen from Mazda, doing well to portray the visceral side of Mazda driving. You’ve likely seen some of these commercials online or on TV, and if you have, there’s a good chance you’ve recognized the voice of the actor doing the commercial voice over. So, who does the voice over in the Mazda commercials?

The actor doing the voice over work for the Driving Matters Mazda commercials is none other than Aaron Paul, well known for his work in the TV series Breaking Bad, as well as movies like Need for Speed. Don’t believe us? Just take another listen to the videos below, and you’ll see, it is in fact Aaron Paul.

If you’re surprised, you’re not the only one. The quality of his voice over work is impressive in the way it is able to perfectly capture such a wide range of emotions. Aaron Paul is able to expertly adjust the inflection in his voice to accurately reflect each emotion a Mazda driver experiences. The Miata in particular is well known for its driving purity, incorporating the philosophy of “Jinba Ittai.” Learn more about the meaning of Jinba Ittai

We understand these emotions because we’ve been behind the wheel of a Mazda, but if you haven’t, let us help. Now that you know who does the voice over in the Mazda commercials, it’s time to schedule a test drive through our website or give us a call at 973-594-1700 to experience Mazda driving for yourself. The first drive in a Mazda is one that cannot be forgotten.

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