Find the Fix for Mazda Connect Phone Call Voice Commands Not Working When You First Start the Vehicle

fix for mazda connect bluetooth phone call voice commands not working

If voice commands for making a phone call right after starting your vehicle aren’t working, we have a simple solution.

Why Don’t Voice Commands Work After Starting My Mazda?

The voice commands in your Mazda are extremely useful for keeping you connected while on your travels. But some drivers may have noticed that they don’t seem to work immediately after turning on the vehicle. Many have asked: why don’t voice commands work after starting my Mazda? Thankfully, Mazda has the answer and a solution.

Voice commands to place a call through Mazda Connect may not work for a few minutes after starting the vehicle. This is because it requires a little bit of time for the Mazda Connect system to reconnect with your smartphone’s Bluetooth. When this process takes place, the system will begin gathering the pronunciation of the contacts in your cell phone, which may take some time if you have a lot of them.

If this does happen to you, you can expect to receive an alert from the system asking you to try again in a few moments. But, if you’d like to avoid this delay, there is a solution.

guide to mazda connect bluetooth voice commands

How to Manually Import Phone Contacts Into Mazda Connect

The solution is by manually inputting your contacts rather than having the Mazda Connect system automatically load them each time the vehicle is restarted. To do this and possibly save some time on making phone calls immediately after starting your vehicle, just follow a few steps down below:

  1. On your Mazda Connect infotainment touchscreen homescreen, select “Communications”
  2. Select “Settings”
  3. Find the setting “Automatic sync of contacts” and switch it to “off”

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With this setting adjusted, you shouldn’t have any issues with phone call voice commands that don’t work after starting your Mazda at first. Instead, the system will only load the phone numbers and pronunciations of your contacts when you tell it to do so. For more Mazda tips, be sure to return to the Mazda of Lodi blog.