Expect the Future Focus for the Miata to Be On Weight Not Power

By Product Expert | Posted in In the Media, Mazda MX-5 on Monday, May 23rd, 2016 at 6:39 pm
Will the Mazda Miata Ever Get a Turbocharger?

Will the Mazda Miata Ever Get a Turbocharger?

Once in a while, we hear drivers asking the question: will the Mazda Miata ever get a turbocharger? The Miata is a lot of fun, but some wonder what it might be like to drive if they could get just a little more power out of it.

The truth is, at no point should we expect the Miata to come with a turbocharger. In fact, a recent report from Road & Track certainly seems to further confirm this, as an interview with Mazda’s lead development engineer for the US-spec Miata suggested it doesn’t fit in with the spirit of the vehicle. We agree.

So, if you were hoping the MX-5 Miata would at some point receive a turbocharged engine, you probably don’t want to hold your breath. That said, the real question is why a driver might want a turbocharger in the first place.

2016 mazda mx-5 miata in white driving uphill in street

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Will Mazda Build a Lighter Miata?

The truly exciting part of the Road & Track report linked to above is that it appears we may see a lighter Miata in the future. Though the Miata doesn’t come with a hugely powerful engine, it doesn’t need one.

With a manual transmission, the 2016 Miata weighs as little as 2,332 lbs. That’s not a lot of weight, which means that the roadster’s 155 horsepower and 146 lb-ft of torque go much further than it would in a larger, heavier vehicle.

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Of course, there are no exact details about any future Miata models or generations, let alone their expected weight, but just the sheer possibility of a lighter Miata is a lot to get excited about. The last thing Miata drivers want is for the iconic roadster to become weighed down. Thankfully, it appears Mazda is committed to making sure the vehicle becomes lighter and more agile going into the future.