The Importance of Winter Tires in New Jersey


Winter tires in New Jersey provide more surface area and grip to Mazda drivers than all-purpose tires.

Winter Tires in New Jersey

As the calendar turns from October to November, Americans across the country will begin compiling Thanksgiving menus complete with casseroles, cranberries, and pumpkin pies. The beginning of November, however, signals more than the quick arrival of the holiday season. With winter weather often on the heels of brisk November days, Mazda drivers would be wise to consider the benefits of riding on winter tires in New Jersey.


Deep groves and small sipes make winter tire tread more suitable for icy and snowy conditions.

Winter tires remain the wise choice for areas where the temperature drops below 45°F. Even if no snowfall has reached the ground, all-purpose tires can see a reduction in performance simply from the effects of low temperatures. Once the temperature drops below 45°, the rubber used in many all-purpose tires begins to stiffen, decreasing the tire’s ability to effectively grip the road. Conversely, winter tires in New Jersey are made from a rubber specifically designed to maintain flexibility and grip in low temperature conditions.

Beyond a traditional tire’s inability to hold the road during cold weather months, the tread designed into all-purpose tires cannot match the traction offered by winter-specific treads. Winter tires in New Jersey include a variety of grooves that increase the tire’s contact area with the road. A combination of deep groves and small slits called sipes help vehicles break through any snow and ice on the road ahead. Since all-purpose tires are designed to handle only mild changes in seasonal weather, failing to equip winter tires can introduce an increase of road wear to all-season alternatives.

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