2014 Mazda5 Hackensack, NJ

2014 Mazda5 Hackensack, NJ

If only minivans could speak… As the quintessential American family car, the stories that each minivan could tell would span the measure of experience and emotion. From tales of great vacations to the backseat cries of hunger or boredom, the minivan most certainly could tell it all.

Beyond any of the stories that minivans would communicate if they possessed the ability, one might imagine that the automobile could put forth a plea as well. Due to the fact that the modern minivan is essentially a cookie-cutter clone of every other car in its class, that plea might sound similar to a challenge for minivan manufacturers across the country to ditch the status quo and show some creativity. Perhaps “Be more like Mazda” is how that plea might sound.

Local drivers who understand exactly what these minivans are talking about are in luck. As a breath of fresh air in a category marked by imitation, the 2014 Mazda5 in Hackensack, NJ is available now at Mazda of Lodi.

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2014 Mazda5 Hackensack, NJ

Mazda5 Versatility in Hackensack

Considering the mainstream lineup of minivans in America, the 2014 Mazda5 distinguishes itself with a versatility unmatched by other automobiles in the category. As a matter of feet and inches, Mazda5 starts with a frame foundation that is uniquely sized for minivan maneuverability. The visual effect is a vehicle that is shorter than a van like Grand Caravan, and the tangible effect is a turning radius that allows Mazda5 to navigate parking lots and city streets more effectively than any of its competitors.

Mazda minivan versatility does not end with the vehicle’s maneuverability, however. The unique construction of the 2014 Mazda5 in Hackensack, NJ also propels the van to a class-leading fuel economy return of 28 highway mpg with either an automatic or manual transmission. That’s right: a minivan with a manual transmission.

Cargo in the 2014 Mazda5

In addition to playing the role of a quick-moving people carrier, a minivan must also be able to tote its fair share of cargo. Due to the efficient size of Mazda’s minivan, drivers can also leverage the design of Mazda5 to make cargo carrying more convenient. The van’s low profile places the cargo floor much closer to the ground, so hoisting your haul into the hatch is much easier with Mazda5. The vehicle’s ultra-light liftgate aids in that ease as well.

Drivers looking to test drive the creative alternative to the modern minivan can find the 2014 Mazda5 in Hackensack, NJ at Mazda of Lodi. Contact the certified dealership today for more information.

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2014 Mazda5 Hackensack, NJ