2018 Mazda3 4-Door vs 2018 Mazda3 5-Door

2018 Mazda3 4-Door vs 2018 Mazda3 5-Door

The Mazda3 continues to be one of the most popular compact cars around thanks to it being updated, enhanced, upgraded and improved each and every model year. And the 2018 model year is no different, thanks to new style tweaks, better-than-ever handling and a slew of newly standard safety, technology, comfort and convenience features.

But there are many other reasons people flock to the new Mazda3 lineup every model year, as well, including the unmatched versatility offered by the lineup. Once again available as either a 4-door sedan or a 5-door hatchback, the 2018 Mazda3 lineup has a model to fit the needs of anyone looking for a new compact car. To help you figure out which body style is right for you, we put together this 2018 Mazda3 4-Door vs 2018 Mazda3 5-Door head-to-head model comparison.

2018 Mazda3 4-Door


2018 Mazda3 5-Door

96.3 ft.3 Total Passenger Space 96.4 ft.3
12.4 ft.3 Cargo Space (Seats in Place) 20.2 ft.3
N/A Cargo Space (Seats Down) 47.1 ft.3
108.7 ft.3 Total Interior Volume 116.6 ft.3

Size Matters: Interior Space is the Biggest Difference between New Mazda3 4-Door and New Mazda3 5-Door

As you can probably guess, the biggest difference between the 2018 Mazda3 4-Door and the 2018 Mazda3 5-Door is interior space. Both models feature the same engine options, the same horsepower and torque ratings, and gas mileage ratings so close that you’ll never notice the difference between one or the other. So, when picking out your new Mazda3 model from us here at Mazda of Lodi in New Jersey, the one question you have to ask yourself is – how much space do you need?

When it comes to passenger comfort, the two models are actually incredibly similar. More specifically, the new Mazda3 4-Door provides 96.3 cubic-feet of total passenger space, while the new Mazda3 5-Door provides 96.4 cubic-feet of total passenger space. The same cannot be said for cargo space, though. That’s because the 2018 Mazda3 4-Door provides 12.4 cubic-feet of cargo space in its trunk, while the 2018 Mazda3 5-Door provides 20.2 cubic-feet of cargo space thanks to its hatchback stylings. And that number grows to 47.1 cubic-feet when you fold down the new Mazda3 5-Door’s rear seats, something you can’t do with the new Mazda3 4-Door. One caveat to keep in mind, however, is that many people enjoy the security that a closed trunk provides. People can see in through the hatchback’s window to see what you’ve got in the back of your car, but no one can see inside your trunk.

In terms of total interior volume, the 2018 Mazda3 4-Door provides 108.7 cubic-feet of total interior space, while the 2018 Mazda3 5-Door provides 116.6 cubic-feet of total interior space.

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rear view of a silver Mazda3 5-Door
side view of a silver Mazda6