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Happy Mother's Day card surrounded by colorful flowers

2019 Mother’s Day Events and Activities in Newark, NJ

Mother’s Day only comes once a year. Treat the mom in your life to something special for 2019. For those in and near the Bergen County area of New Jersey, we’ve found the following Mother’s Day events for the month of May 2019. Take a look and, if your schedule is open, make sure to add in something for Mother’s Day 2019.

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a closeup of stacks tires zooming in on the tread pattern

Where Do I Recycle My Tires in Lodi, NJ?

Recycling is a good practice to get into, but it can be a bit complicated. Somethings can’t be recycled while others need to follow specific instructions in terms of preparation and location drop off. Those who have previously and properly ‘recycled’ grass brush, electronics, and/or metal goods are probably familiar with these rules. So, what about tires? If you have old and useless tires to get rid of, where can you take those to be recycled?

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aerial overhaed view of various cup and mugs of coffee and tea

Cafes for Coffee and Tea in Lodi, NJ

It’s sometimes hard to find any motivation to get up in the morning. This is true throughout the year, but even more so now with the winter weather permeating everything outside. The cold is thick in the air and snow and slush cover the roads. So, how can you stand to wake up? A great way is a hot cup of coffee or one of simmering tea along with a filling snack giving yourself some fuel to kick things in gear for a productive day. Whether in the early morning or as a cool down after a long day of work, we recommend checking out one of these local cafes to help you regain a little focus with some caffeine and good food.

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a man dressed up in thick winter gear skiing on the top of a snowy mountain top with a glaring sun behind them

Ski Resorts, Slopes, and Trails near Lodi, NJ

Find a Fun Place to Ski in Bergen County

Rather than being stuck inside, hating the cold with a passion, get out and have fun with it at a winter resort near you. Sure, the title might say skiing, but that includes snowboarding, sledding, and many more outdoor and indoor activities for most of the locations on our list. For residents of Lodi, New Jersey, and the surrounding area of Bergen County, there are many wonderful winter resorts to enjoy close by. Today, we’ll go over our selections of the many ski resorts near you!

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2018 Christmas Tree Farms and Lots in Jersey City and Newark, NJ

Have you gotten a Christmas tree for the holiday season yet? If not, you’d better hurry up as we’re already into December 2018. However, don’t worry, as you’ve got plenty of options and places to get a Christmas tree with ease. You can find a farm to pick one to be chopped own yourself, pick out a pre-cut selection at a lot, or even get an artificial tree this year if you want! Here are the best local places to get a Christmas tree for 2018 for residents in Jersey City and Newark, New Jersey!

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