Names 2014 Mazda3 ‘Car of the Year’


Presenting the 2014 Mazda, Car of the Year.

2014 Mazda3 Car of the Year

Since its debut earlier this year, the 2014 Mazda3 has exhibited a somewhat magnetic quality. Drivers have undoubtedly been drawn to the quick-action SkyActiv powertrain, and anyone with a sense of style has found their gaze captured by the still-motion effect of Mazda’s KODO design language.

Everyday drivers and onlookers, however, have not been the only parties attracted by the Mazda3. Auto analysts throughout the entire industry have felt Mazda3’s pull on their attention—and their most coveted awards as well. Earlier in the year Yahoo! ranked the new Mazda as Best Compact Car, and most recently awarded the 2014 Mazda3 Car of the Year honors. Read the rest of this entry >>

Protect Your Car’s Performance with a Mazda Oil Change in New Jersey


Mazda of Lodi will be happy to care for your car by popping the hood for a Mazda oil change in New Jersey.

Mazda Oil Change in New Jersey

It is no secret that the Mazda engine is a finely crafted piece of automotive engineering. As SkyActiv technology grabs headline after headline, the dream of one automaker to make gasoline combustion engines more efficient approaches recognition as a global phenomenon. There is a distinct difference, however, between the universal respect Mazda engineering draws and the personal appreciation that lives in the heart of each Mazda driver. Read the rest of this entry >>

EPA Shows Mazda Makes Cars with the Best Fuel Economy


The Mazda CX-5 has one of the best fuel economies for a crossover SUV.

Cars with the Best Fuel Economy

Drivers in every part of the country are on the hunt for the cars with the best fuel economy. The desire for fuel savings reaches drivers of every age and vehicle preference. From compact hatchback drivers to SUV commanders, gas station savings are at the top of everyone’s list.

Searching for the cars with the best fuel economy, however, can get a little tricky. Nearly every automaker’s website will claim some sort of best-in-class in feature. Wading through the pomp and circumstance can be difficult, if not overwhelming. Read the rest of this entry >>

2014 Mazda5 is not Your Typical Minivan


The 2014 Mazda5 minivan is built to challenge the status quo.

2014 Mazda5 Minivan

Designing a minivan seems relatively simple. Consider the look of every minivan you’ve seen in the last 20 years. Though many models have rounded out a corner here or there, the category is predictable and ripe with parody.

Designing a Mazda, however, is a different story. Mazdas are distinctive, rising above the accusation of imitation. The 2014 Mazda5 minivan is a compelling intersection of these two design tendencies. On one hand drivers hold preconceived expectations for what a minivan should be, while the other hand fully expects Mazda to break the mold and rock the status quo. Read the rest of this entry >>

Details on the 2015 Mazda2 SkyActiv


A Japanese magazine is said to have leaked a rendition of the 2015 Mazda2 SkyActiv.

2015 Mazda2 SkyActiv

Weighing in at just over 2,300 pounds, the current generation Mazda2 uses an effective economy of space to deliver up to 35 highway mpg. While a fuel economy in the mid-30s is impressive by most auto maker’s standards, Mazda believes they haven’t begun to scratch the surface when it comes to Mazda2 fuel efficiency. Read the rest of this entry >>

Take a Virtual Visit to the Mazda Museum in Google Street View


Mazda enthusiasts can see a long line of historic vehicles at the Mazda Museum in Google Street View.

Mazda Museum in Google Street View

A trip to the Mazda Museum sounds like the perfect gift for fans of the zoom-zoom performance brand. While it would certainly be nice to walk down the halls of Mazda memory lane, there is one problem for stateside enthusiasts—the Mazda Museum is located in Hiroshima, Japan.

Though a trip to Japan would be likely be a positively life-changing experience, most Americans aren’t in an economic position that would allow for approximately 30 hours of round-trip international flight time. Fortunately for both historic fans of the rotary engine and modern SkyActiv devotees, anyone with an Internet connection can now experience the Mazda Museum in Google Street View. Read the rest of this entry >>

Top Car Technology of the Year Found Inside 2014 Mazda6


The 2014 Mazda6 includes some of the top car technology of the year.

Top Car Technology of the Year

Since 2005, has been one of the worldwide leaders in social media news and advanced tech coverage. Naturally, it goes without saying that when Mashable speaks, the world listens.

As many websites have been busy compiling lists of the year’s best products, Mashable has been doing the same with technology. The website recently published an article titled “13 Tech Products That Stood Out in 2013,” and Mazda made the list with some of the top car technology of the year. Read the rest of this entry >>

SkyActiv Excels Over Disadvantages of Hybrid Engines


SkyActiv technology from Mazda provides value where the disadvantages of hybrid engines cannot.

Disadvantages of Hybrid Engines

The unchallenged assumption among American drivers is that hybrid engines are the crown of efficient automotive technology. While there is no doubt that hybrid engines have contributed a great deal toward lowering drivers’ carbon footprint, hybrid technology is not the only means to those ends. Read the rest of this entry >>

The Small Savior of Mazda Rotary Engine Production


The RX-7 celebrates a 40-year anniversary in 2018. Many hope to see a full return for Mazda rotary engine production by that time.

Mazda Rotary Engine Production

Mazda is almost synonymous with the rotary-style Wankel engine. The popular configuration was introduced with the Mazda Cosmo at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1963 and had been featured most recently in the 2011-model RX-8. When the RX-8 was removed from the automaker’s lineup that calendar year, Mazda rotary engine production went with it. The Mazda family of vehicles was without a rotary-powered automobile for the first time in a long while. Read the rest of this entry >>

Test Drive the 2014 Mazda3 in New Jersey at Mazda of Lodi


Drivers are in for an impressive view with every Mazda3 test drive in New Jersey.

Mazda3 Test Drive New Jersey

It is no secret that Mazda is always looking to push boundaries and challenge the status quo. The recent implementation of SkyActiv engine technology and KODO design principles clearly demonstrates Mazda’s inclination to “rock the boat,” if you will.

Never one to rest on their laurels, Mazda is at it again—this time bringing the Mazda3 experience out of the driver’s seat and into the theater. Due to a partnership with responsive gaming app TimePlay, Mazda is changing the face of pre-film entertainment for moviegoers in select areas. Read the rest of this entry >>