The 14 Hardest Resolutions to Keep from 2014

2015 new years Most Popular and Commonly Broken Resolutions

Making a change in your life, whether it’s big or small can be difficult to manage, especially because we quickly become creatures of habit. We fall into routines, to help keep ourselves on track, on time, and to try and get everything done on our ever-growing to-do lists. New Year’s resolutions are a fantastic idea, but sometimes that’s all they are–a nice thought that only lasts for a couple of days, weeks, maybe even months if you’re lucky. If you’ve fallen short of your New Year’s resolutions you definitely aren’t alone, just take a look here at some of the most popular and commonly broken resolutions: Read the rest of this entry >>

Mazda Skyactiv Diesel Coming Soon

2015 mazda3 lodi njMazda3 with Skyactiv Diesel Engine Performance

Choosing a new vehicle takes a quite a bit of consideration and comparing. It’s always nice to have unbiased advice as well, and seeing or listening to things can also help rather than just reading statistics. That being said, we’ve briefly recapped a recent comparison performed between three similar diesel-powered hatchbacks: the Mazda 3 vs BMW 1 Series vs Audi A3.

Unfortunately, Mazda’s 2.2L diesel engine for the Mazda3 is not yet available in the U.S but we do know that it is coming in the very near future. Originally it was said to arrive in the spring of 2014, but since that’s since come and gone, Mazda has hinted that we can expect its arrival soon, perhaps January? Until then, we would like to give you the lowdown on the Mazda3 with Skyactiv diesel engine performance. Read the rest of this entry >>

Things to Keep in Mind while Filing Taxes

tax returnsTax Tips and Common Mistakes

The new year keep creeping up and it will be 2015 in just a few weeks. Unfortunately it’s also time to slowly start gathering up all of your W-2, receipts, and all financials statements. In order to keep things rolling around smoothly, and make sure that you get back everything you should, take a peek at these tax tips and common mistakes. Read the rest of this entry >>

Hot Tips for a Frozen Car

car in snow storm

There’s a car somewhere in this picture….

Cheap Tricks to Prevent Your Vehicle from Freezing

Just not in the mood to bundle up, trudge through the snow, and and scrape the ice off of your frozen vehicle? Are you ever in the mood to do this? For those of you who aren’t exactly too thrilled about the forecasted ice and snow coming your way, and are looking for ways to avoid spending your morning running late to work and having to thaw out your vehicle, check out these cheap tricks to prevent your vehicle from freezing. Read the rest of this entry >>

Mazda2 is the Skyscraper of City Cars

front view of mazda22015 Mazda2 Test Drive Overview

City drivers don’t require a special vehicle, but they will appreciate something that is easy to handle and maneuver around tight curves, small parking stalls, and doesn’t burn through a tank of gas when caught up in stop-and-go traffic. The Mazda2 is an ideal solution compared to most other city cars because it still holds true to the Mazda performance stylings and handling. Learn how and why this car stands tall against the rising competition in this 2015 Mazda2 test drive overview. Read the rest of this entry >>

Why Choose Mazda?

2015 mazda miataWhy Buy a Mazda Car or SUV

Shopping for a new or used car quickly becomes overwhelming with all of the competing automakers currently producing cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs on the market. Some drivers prefer to stick with the same company while others enjoy bouncing around and trying entirely different makes and models.

At Mazda of Lodi, our used inventory is made up of all different makes, models, and years. These vehicles are geared towards being more affordable options; in fact, some prices begin well below $10,000. But, in addition to these vehicles, we especially would like to tell you more about our new vehicles, and specifically our thoughts and advice on why to buy a Mazda car or SUV. Read the rest of this entry >>

Don’t Forget How to Drive in the Snow

driving in the snowMistakes You Didn’t Know You Made Driving in the Snow

Got your ice scraper in your car already and are ready to put that remote start to work this winter season? Driving in the snow isn’t anything new for us, and yet the first heavy snowfall always seems to take drivers by surprise and many people seem to forget how to drive. Even expert drivers get a little too relaxed and overly confident driving in the winter months, so be sure to check out some of the mistakes you didn’t know you made driving in the snow. Read the rest of this entry >>

It’s Not a Popularity Contest….but the Mazda CX-3 Wins

2016 mazda cx-32016 Mazda CX-3 Release Date

A full size SUV is great for drivers who need bus-like seating and storage capabilities, a sedan isn’t necessarily everybody’s taste. The ideal in-between that has quickly taken off in the States is a compact, or subcompact crossover SUV. Mazda has created the perfect solution that still maintains the sporty appearance, attitude, and performance.

An actual day of the month has not yet been given this far out, but we do know that the 2016 Mazda CX-3 release date is set for the spring of 2015. Seeing as Mazda is a Japanese automaker, the launch will begin there on its home turf before crossing over to the U.S. Read the rest of this entry >>