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The Versatile Mazda 5 Minivan is Set to Be Retired

Monday, August 10th, 2015
What Happened to the Mazda 5 Minivan

It is time to say goodbye to the Mazda 5, as the minivan will not continue beyond the 2015 model year.

What Happened to the Mazda 5 Minivan

If you’ve been looking at Mazda’s impressive 2016 model year lineup and wondering where the Mazda 5 minivan falls into all of this, then we have some news you will be wanting to hear. So, what happened to the Mazda 5 minivan?


The Mazda5 is more than a minivan

Sunday, February 22nd, 2015

How many seats in the Mazda 5?

How many seats in a Mazda 5

We recently found out that the Mazda 5 minivan was just rated by Kelley Blue Book as having one of the best five year cost to own values, and it inspired us to share a little more about this unique player in the segment. When you think “minivan” an image gets conjured up pretty quickly of a sluggish, boxy beast that exists primarily out of necessity. That’s anything but true with the Mazda 5. Sure, you need more seating and plenty of space — but should you have to sacrifice aerodynamics and driving fun? Mazda says no. How many seats are in the Mazda5? What else sets it apart? We’ll tell you about some of the ways this option distinguishes itself from the competition:  (more…)

Living the Minivan Lifestyle with the 2014 Mazda5 in Clifton

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

With one foot in the minivan segment and one in the world of Mazda performance, the 2014 Mazda5 in Clifton, NJ is sure to impress.

2014 Mazda5 Clifton, NJ

There are dark corners in this cold world where the term “minivan” is whispered in utter disdain. Actually, that’s almost everywhere. Much to the dismay of drivers that proudly pilot their trusty family traveler, most minivans must struggle for respect among more preferred models in the auto industry. (more…)

2014 Mazda5 is the Ideal Man Van

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

Call Mazda5 drivers “real men” since they’re piloting one of the best minivans for dads.

Best Minivans for Dads

We’ve all heard it. Ask any dad to describe their daily driver and one of three answers is sure to be offered: car, truck, or man van. Somewhere along the line a social stigma was attached to the idea of a man driving a minivan, and now minivan-driving men are almost required to make themselves and their vehicles appear as tough as possible. This is typically accomplished in a number of ways from applying brutish decals to installing a powerful stereo system. (more…)

2014 Mazda5 is not Your Typical Minivan

Friday, December 27th, 2013

The 2014 Mazda5 minivan is built to challenge the status quo.

2014 Mazda5 Minivan

Designing a minivan seems relatively simple. Consider the look of every minivan you’ve seen in the last 20 years. Though many models have rounded out a corner here or there, the category is predictable and ripe with parody.

Designing a Mazda, however, is a different story. Mazdas are distinctive, rising above the accusation of imitation. The 2014 Mazda5 minivan is a compelling intersection of these two design tendencies. On one hand drivers hold preconceived expectations for what a minivan should be, while the other hand fully expects Mazda to break the mold and rock the status quo. (more…)