SkyActiv Excels Over Disadvantages of Hybrid Engines


SkyActiv technology from Mazda provides value where the disadvantages of hybrid engines cannot.

Disadvantages of Hybrid Engines

The unchallenged assumption among American drivers is that hybrid engines are the crown of efficient automotive technology. While there is no doubt that hybrid engines have contributed a great deal toward lowering drivers’ carbon footprint, hybrid technology is not the only means to those ends.

Mazda enthusiasts will notice that the manufacturer’s current line of vehicles does not presently include a hybrid option. This can be attributed to the vexing disadvantages of hybrid engines. Loyal drivers will note, however, that Mazda’s line of cars and utility vehicles are among the industry leaders in fuel efficiency and emission levels. Mazda accomplishes all of this through the advanced engineering of SkyActiv technology.

Cost, weight, and weather difficulties are all disadvantages of hybrid engines. Due to the current cost of components like battery packs and other hybrid necessities, Mazda developed SkyActiv to achieve hybrid-like efficiency without wasting additional dollars.


The 40-mpg Mazda3 delivers hybrid-type fuel economy with an advanced SkyActiv engine.

In addition to cost, components like battery packs and cooling mechanisms add a significant amount of weight to an automobile. This weight affects the overall performance of the car, often resulting in a bland and uninspiring driving experience. Fortunately for Mazda drivers, SkyActiv powertrain technology both lowers curb weight and improves transmission shifts for a genuinely performance-centric driving experience.

Cold weather proves to be another disadvantage of hybrid engines. Low temperatures have never been kind to batteries, and hybrid cells are no different. The batteries placed in hybrid vehicles tend to discharge rather quickly in cold weather, especially when a wealth of energy is also being used to provide heat to the cabin. Of course, SkyActiv engines still need to warm up like any combustion engine, but the traditional gasoline fuel source is much more reliable in winter weather conditions than electricity.

Overall, Mazda is a believer in hybrid engine technology. Until the cost of hybrid components comes down, however, the manufacturer is happy to provide customers with highly clean and efficient vehicles thanks to SkyActiv technology. Avoid the current disadvantages of hybrid engines today with a 2014 SkyActiv Mazda from Mazda of Lodi.