Getting to Know Mazda KODO Design Language


The highly anticipated 2014 Mazda3 achieves the goals of the new Mazda KODO design language.

Mazda KODO Design Language

It evokes vitality and emotion. It represents a dignified tension and finely-honed balance of strength and beauty.

While these sentences appear at first glance to describe the closing paragraphs of a romance novel, they are actually the words Mazda uses to describe its unique KODO design language. In layman’s terms, a design language can be thought of as a principle that guides and influences every aspect of the design process.

The 2013 CX-5 was the first production vehicle to feature the Mazda KODO design language. Translating to “soul of motion,” KODO attempts to capture the qualities inherent to the first moment of spontaneous movement. According to Mazda there is a coalescence of power and beauty in that moment, a composite sense of speed and sophistication.


The Shinari concept car was an early example of the Mazda KODO design language effect.

The success of the Mazda KODO design language is based on three elements incorporated in exterior automobile design. Now also applied to vehicles such as the Mazda3 and Mazda6, KODO highlights the elements of speed, tension, and allure to recreate the impression of natural motion. Considerations of speed develop a look of inherent power, even when the automobile is stationary. Tension awakens a heightened sense of anticipation through the use of a form suggestive of the moments that break static inertia. Allure, at last, is an expression of craftsmanship that invites and elicits a personal and tangible experience, art that is meant to be touched—if you will.

The next generation of Mazda manufacturing is indeed the generation of KODO design language. Drivers who have browsed the showroom at Mazda of Lodi can attest to the feelings of speed, tension, and allure summoned by the line of new Mazdas. To experience the soul of motion in the Mazda KODO design language for yourself, contact Mazda of Lodi today to test drive one of the many strong and beautiful Mazda motion machines.