The 2014 Mazda3 is One of the Most Fuel-Efficient in its Class

2014 Mazda3 in New Jersey


The Mazda3 Sedan is rated at 40 mpg highway when paired with an automatic transmission.

With all the great choices that Mazda has to offer, it was difficult to decide which model we would write about first, but after thinking about it for a minute the choice was clear. Many of our customers turn to Mazda because they are looking for style. They want a sporty vehicle, but a practical and efficient one. Since this has been a common request from customers, we thought we would start off by telling you a bit more about the the Mazda3, so that way you can be well-informed on the day that we get the 2014 Mazda3 in New Jersey.

The Mazda3 will offer two different models, each available in a variety of trims. Comparing both models with their standard equipment, the 3i is just a bit higher than the 3s. The 3i hatchback gets a 2.0-liter 155 horsepower engine capable of 29 mpg city/40 highway with a manual transmission and an impressive 30 mpg city/40 with an automatic.

The 3s is reserved for someone who is really looking to push their Mazda to the max. The s model will include the Touring and Grand Touring trim levels. In the beginning they will both be stocked up with a powerful SKYACTIV 2.5-liter engine and six-speed automatic transmission. A manual transmission is expected to be offered later on.


Added features such as the dash-mounted touch-screen display have made the Mazda3 interior more luxurious.

The interior is one of the highlights of the 2014 Mazda3. It comes with a variety of features which really amp up the luxury feel of this beautiful car. Push-button start, automatic power door locks and remote keyless entry really make you feel connected to your car. It interacts with you and allows you to interact with whatever you need. That includes your phone, as a USB connection port is included. Adding to the sleek look that Mazda is so well known for is a matte finish front grille, 16 inch wheels and trim-specific cloth sports seats. A fold down rear seat makes storage easy.

With a list of features as long as the Mazda3, it’s easy to see why it was the first Mazda we decided to share with you. Be sure to continue following our blog to get information such as this to help you decide which Mazda is best for you. Of course you could always contact us to schedule an appointment to come and meet with us in person. It’s the easiest way for us to answer all of your questions.

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