Best Drinks to Enjoy This Fall

Enjoy fall with this delicious drinks!

Enjoy fall with this delicious drinks!

Best Fall Drinks

Fall is officially in full swing. There’s a cool breeze in the air, the leaves are changing colors and everyone is talking about pumpkin spice lattes. Since pumpkin spice is quickly becoming an overrated beverage options, we’re like to give you some other delicious drink chooses for fall. Maybe you don’t even like lattes! There are so many other drinks to enjoy this time of year. Here is Mazda of Lodi’s list of the best fall drinks to have this year. Try these drinks while driving in your Mazda CX-5 to your favorite fall activities.

Drink apple cider on your way to an apple orchard this fall!

Drink apple cider on your way to an apple orchard this fall!


Apple Cider

This is a classic fall beverage that can be enjoyed by anyone. There are also many ways to make it your own. For example you can buy our own jug of cider and heat it up while stirring in hand full of red hot candies. It adds a little spice to make to give the drink even more flavor. Another great option is adding chai tea. This can be done by steeping a chai teabag a cup of hot cider or some places even carry chai concentrate that you can add. If your friends still insist on going to Starbucks to get a pumpkin spice latte, you can actually get this drink at Starbucks as well. Just ordered a steamed apple juice with chai!




Some people shy away from tea because it is an acquired taste, but sometimes it just takes some trial and error to find one that you like. Tea is also really easy to make and there are herbal varieties that don’t have caffeine so it is the perfect treat to have and relax before bedtime. Try adding organic honey or a spoonful of sugar if you need it sweeter.

Coffee isn't the only good fall beverage!

Coffee isn’t the only good fall beverage!

Hot Chocolate

There are few things better than a cup of hot chocolate on a chilly day. This drink can also easily be enhanced by adding different things that you probably have in your kitchen cupboard. You can simply add a few drops of vanilla or almond extract to completely change the drink into something even more delicious and flavorful. Marshmallows are also a must and can really improve this already great tasting treat.

These are just a few suggestions for enhancing the quality of your fall beverages. These fall drinks are the perfect way to wind down your day. Hop into your Mazda 3 and pick up all the supplies you need to make these delicious treats. Why not curl up with your fall drink and watch something on Netflix. Check back here often and see what other tips and tricks Mazda of Lodi has for you!