2014 Mazda5 is the Ideal Man Van


Call Mazda5 drivers “real men” since they’re piloting one of the best minivans for dads.

Best Minivans for Dads

We’ve all heard it. Ask any dad to describe their daily driver and one of three answers is sure to be offered: car, truck, or man van. Somewhere along the line a social stigma was attached to the idea of a man driving a minivan, and now minivan-driving men are almost required to make themselves and their vehicles appear as tough as possible. This is typically accomplished in a number of ways from applying brutish decals to installing a powerful stereo system.

Cheesy decals, however, are merely a cheap gimmick that leaves drivers looking sad and desperate. Instead of simply slapping a make-shift bandage on the situation, drivers would be well-served to actually research the best minivans for dads that are currently available. And according the research done right here at Mazda of Lodi, no van provides a dad-centric driving experience quite like the 2014 Mazda5.


Mazda5’s sliding doors are parking lot proof so backseat passengers can’t ding the man van.

The Mazda5 minivan is based on the same platform used by Mazda3 before its next-generation redesign. This means that Mazda’s zoom-zoom driving characteristics are embedded deep inside the Mazda5—all the way to the chassis. The visual effect of Mazda5’s smaller frame is a vehicle that is shorter than a van like the Odyssey, but the practical effect is a family carrier option that remains one of the most maneuverable vehicles in its class.

When talking about the best minivans for dads, however, great maneuverability just doesn’t cut it. A great man van needs more, and that’s exactly what Mazda5 brings to the table. Of all minivans available on the market today, only the Mazda5 is available with a manual transmission. That’s a five-speed gearbox to accompany the van’s maneuverability and classic Mazda steering response.

The staff at Mazda of Lodi could continue to highlight the traditional van features that dads look for to keep their families safe, but we think you get the idea. If you’d like to drive a van that delivers less excitement than a Sunday afternoon trip to a shopping mall, then by all means continue to apply lame decals to a status-quo vehicle. If you’d like to drive one of the best minivans for dads currently available, check out Mazda of Lodi’s inventory of 2014 Mazda5 automobiles.