Find a Friendly Place for Your Pooch With Our Favorite Dog Friendly Parks Near Hackensack NJ

Dog Friendly Parks Hackensack NJ

There are plenty of dog friendly parks in the area. See our list to find your favorite.

Dog Friendly Parks Hackensack NJ

You may be wondering, what does a Mazda dealership have to do with dog parks? Well, the two go together more than you might think. The Mazda 3 was recently named one of the best cars for dog lovers in 2015 by Autotrader. Therefore, since we have such dog-friendly vehicles, we thought why not show drivers where they can take their dogs for a little fun.

Dog Friendly Car Features

First off, when transporting your pooch, there are a few features you will want in your vehicle. Autotrader’s criteria for the best cars for dog lovers included such features as rear seats that fold flat, a rear lift gate, a low ride height, an airy cabin and underfloor storage. These are all great things to have to make sure your pet can ride more comfortably and safely.

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Dog Friendly Parks Hackensack NJ  dog friendly car features best dog friendly parks in new jerseyBest Dog Friendly Parks in New Jersey

Now, there are a number of dog parks we encourage you to check out near the Hackensack NJ area. The following is a gathering of dog friendly parks, which you can find yourself on You should definitely check these out. Are they the best in New Jersey? Well, that’s up to you to decide, but we certainly think they seem to deserve to be ranked near the top.

1. Overpeck County Park Dog Run; Leonia, NJ

2. Van Saun Park; Paramus, NJ

3. Brookdale Dog Park; Montclair, NJ

4. West Milford Dog Park; West Milford, NJ

5. Donnelly Memorial Park Dog Run; North Bergen, NJ

Remember that the quality of a dog park isn’t just about the facilities and the dogs. It is also about the owners. When you visit one of the dog parks near Hackensack NJ, always remember to be responsible with your pets, understand their social comforts and clean up after them. Of course, as always, have fun!

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