Prevent Vehicle Vandalism with these Tips this Halloween


Waking on Nov. 1 to auto damage is no slice of cake.

Halloween Vandalism Prevention Tips

Even though some neighborhoods across the country may have already seen crowds of children going door to door, many will be ready this evening to hand out candy accordingly. In an ideal world, securing enough candy to cover the amount of young trick-or-treaters would be the only preparation necessary in advance of Halloween night. Unfortunately for many drivers, the night of October 31 can be a scary occasion for reasons far beyond fictitiously frightful costumes. For this reason, Mazda of Lodi joins drivers in preparing for potential automobile damage with Halloween vandalism prevention tips.


Drivers attending Halloween parties should plan on arriving early to claim a parking space near the party spot.

To quickly cover the facts, the danger of Halloween vandalism is a real probability. According to a recent survey of auto insurance companies, statistics show that more claims are filed on Halloween than any other day of the year. However, with a comprehensive insurance policy your vehicle should be protected from any damage, including broken windows and compromised paint (minus any deductible you may have, of course).

Hopefully local New Jersey drivers avoid these considerations by heeding some intuitive Halloween vandalism prevention tips. The most straightforward suggestion is to park in a garage space if possible. If no garaging options are available, however, look to park your car deep on your driveway. Not only will vandals be less likely to see your car, but the ground they’d need to cover during an escape should deter them.

The final consideration in this series of Halloween vandalism prevention tips pertains to night-time party goers. If a social occasion will be drawing you away from your residence this evening, make sure to arrive a short time earlier than you normally would. This allows you to claim a well-lit parking spot that is close to the house or festive establishment at which you’ll be enjoying yourself. You’ll even be able to enjoy yourself a little more with the increased peace of mind knowing your vehicle isn’t blocks away.

Mazda of Lodi wishes a happy and safe Halloween to our loyal customers and drivers everywhere. Be prepared, know your neighborhood, and use helpful Halloween vandalism prevention tips to keep your vehicle safe this spooky night.