How to wash your car at home like a pro!

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How to wash your car at home

It’s important to keep your car clean to help extend the life of your vehicle. Going to car washes weekly can quickly add up as an expense you might not have the luxury of affording, but it is easy to clean your car at home with the right tools!

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Items you need to clean your car at home

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Using dedicated car cleaning products is the best way to ensure you are cleaning it correctly, so don’t use household cleaning products on the paint. Keep these items handy throughout your car wash!

  • Sponge
  • Hose
  • Buckets (at least two)
  • Brush
  • Car wash detergent
  • Wash mitts
  • Towel

Also make sure you are wearing clothes and shoes that you don’t mind getting wet and soapy.

Steps to clean your car at home

Now that you have all of the items you need, you are ready to clean your car! Make sure you park your car out of direct sunlight if possible and park it in a spot with plenty of open space so that you can move freely around your vehicle. Follow these steps to clean your car like a pro!

  1. Fill your buckets with water, and put the car wash detergent in one of the buckets, following the directions on the bottle for the detergent-to-water ratio.
  2. Hose off your car to loosen any debris and soften dirt.
  3. Wash the wheels first, since they are likely the dirtiest part of the vehicle, using your brush.
  4. Use the wash mitts to wash the body of your car. Soak them in the detergent water first and scrub the surface of your vehicle from top to bottom, rinsing the mitts as you go.
  5. Rinse your car off with your hose as you are washing each section to avoid allowing the soap to dry on your car.
  6. Spray the bottom of your car, and don’t forget to clean the tire sidewalls, door shuts, surrounds and the bottom underside of your car doors.
  7. Dry your car thoroughly with clean towels.
  8. Optional but recommended: Wax your car once it has been completely dried to seal in the cleanliness and help it last longer.

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  1. Micheal says:

    Thank you for sharing the useful information!
    This post has given me so much knowledge and helped me so much when I wash my Ford Ranger.
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  2. Blake Slade says:

    I am looking for this kind of information for washing my Toyota. Your step by step guidelines will make my job easier. Nice share and Thanks.

  3. Joshua Santiago says:

    The significance of washing the convertible on a regular basis is in the extreme. It prevents the foreign matters like- smut, grime, dead bugs, road salt, air-borne toxins from sticking fast to your automobile. I know you can wash your speed machine on your own at home. But this home washing technique may damage your convertible’s exterior paintwork. Thus, you should allow a professional detailer to wash your motor vehicle, by which you can protect your venture and increase your road companion’s resale value.

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