Expand Your SkyActiv Horizon with Mazda’s Responsive Transmission

Mazda SkyActiv Transmission

Mazda and the term “SkyActiv” have been married together for a number of years now. In fact, SkyActiv technology is such a common talking point with respect to Mazda that casual listeners may let the term fly in one ear and out the other. The truth is, however, most drivers only understand a portion of what SkyActiv is all about. The technology at work goes well beyond the efficiency of a finely tuned combustion engine—and Mazda of Lodi is here to explain how.


The response you feel from your Mazda3 is all thanks to the Mazda SkyActiv transmission.

Most drivers understand SkyActiv as referring to Mazda’s internal combustion engine configuration that gains exceptional fuel economy due to the use of a high compression ratio. SkyActiv, however, is actually a comprehensive approach to vehicle engineering that affects a number of automotive systems.

In addition to the improvements that Mazda makes to the body and chassis of each vehicle, one of the most important components is the Mazda SkyActiv transmission. As demonstrated in the clip posted above, transmissions affect the responsive feel of an automobile, and Mazda achieves its great SkyActiv response through a number of unique innovations.

The goal for the Mazda SkyActiv transmission was to integrate the start-stop response of an automatic transmission with the sustained kinetic response of a manual. To achieve this effect, Mazda innovated an entirely new type of automatic transmission that brought both a clutch and a torque converter together in one. With an advanced control module to keep everything running scientifically smooth, Mazda effectively engineered a superior drive feel while improving fuel economy by up to 7 percent.

At Mazda of Lodi, we admit that the response of a Mazda is truly one-of-a-kind. To get behind the wheel of a Mazda and experience the joy of the Mazda SkyActiv transmission for yourself, schedule a test drive with Mazda of Lodi today.