Skid Plate Racing with Mazda

Mazda Snowboarding

The 2014 Mazda3 went on an adventure with snowboarder, Sebastien Toutant.

The 2014 Mazda3 went on an adventure with snowboarder, Sebastien Toutant.

Ever since the invention of cars people have been trying to do crazy stunts with them. They try to push the envelope of what can be pulled off with a motorized vehicle. The newest trend is called skid plate racing. A skid plate race car is simply an old end-of-life car with a twist. The vehicle’s two back wheels are replaced completely by flat plates. These plates do two things: slide around and create sparks. It’s gaining popularity and is a cheap way to race and have fun. Mazda decided to put their own spin on things. Instead of skid plates, they put Mazda brand snowboards on the two back wheels of a Mazda3. While Mazda of Lodi doesn’t recommend just anyone trying  Mazda snowboarding, snowboarder Sebastian Toutant pulled it off pretty well.

Snowboard isn't just for people anymore.

Snowboard isn’t just for people anymore.

Mazda Canada decided to give Toutant a Mazda3 and a bunch of Mazda- branded snowboard and just told him to go crazy in a parking lot. It pretty much destroyed the snowboards, but the effect was similar to that of skid plate racing. Toutant simply used the rear view camera to back the vehicle on the snowboard, then pulled up the emergency brake and went to town on some snowboards. He even made waves by driving through the parking lot after it had been doused in water. The effects were pretty cool, but definitely not recommended to be repeated.

This whole experiment was part of the the “#gamechanger” campaign that is helping to promote the 2014 Mazda3. The Mazda3 won Automobile Journalists Association of Canada’s best new small car under $21,000. The Mazda3 is great little sedan that is making big waves in the automotive industry. Not only does it have great fuel economy, but apparently it can snowboard.


Mazda of Lodi is excited to be selling such a game changing vehicle. We have many in stock to choose from (snow boards not included). To see why customers are raving about the Mazda3, schedule a test drive at Mazda of Lodi today! Check out the video of Sebastien Toutant Snowboarding with his Mazda3 below.