What to Do When it Rains!

Tips for Driving in Rainy Conditions

Follow these tips to driving in rainy conditions!

Follow these tips to driving in rainy conditions!

Summer is supposed to be the season of sunshine and spending the days outdoors, but the weather sometimes has other ideas. Here at Lodi of Mazda we want you to be safe drivers no matter the weather. Here are some great tips for driving in rainy conditions.

Watch out for standing water while driving!

Watch out for standing water while driving!

1. Turn on Your Headlights

This might seem self explanatory but it is definitely the most important step in driving in inclement conditions. A good rule of thumb to remember is that if your windshield wipers are moving, your headlights should be on. Keep in mind that this does not mean you should have your brights on. You do not want to make it more difficult for your fellow drivers to see.

2. Stay in the Middle

Standing water is more likely to drain to the edges of the road. Roads are constructed to be the highest in the middle so it’s better to drive where it will be the driest. It will still be wet, but it’s your best bet for driving in the rain.

3. Replace Wipers Regularly

You never know when or where a sudden rain storm will hit. It’s important to always make sure your wipers can handle even the heaviest of downpours. If you are in need of new windshield wipers head of to our excellent service department at Lodi of Mazda.

Pull over if conditions are too dangerous.

Pull over if conditions are too dangerous.

4. Beware of High Water

Remember being kid and loving to splash in puddles? Sometimes it seems like it would be fun to drive through a huge puddle but it’s actually bad for your vehicle. You may think your car can handle a stream of water but it’s easy to get swept away and find yourself in need of a new car.

5. Slow Down!

Remember in drivers ed, they told you to drive under the speed limit in bad conditions? Even if you don’t want to believe them, they were right. Driving too fast in rain can cause serious problems like hydroplaning. When this happens, your car tires lose traction with the road and you have no control over where your car is heading. To prevent a scary situation just drive slower or pull over until conditions get better.

With these easy tips we hope you stay while driving in rainy conditions. It also helps to have your car checked regularly so that everything stays in working condition. If you have any doubts in your car’s ability to make it through a rain storm, schedule an appointment at Mazda of Lodi today.