Mazda of Lodi Welcomes all Passaic Residents

Used Car in Passaic NJ


We have used cars starting at $1999. With prices like that, the drive from Passaic is definitely worth the gas.

When you live in a bigger city, it’s easy to forget about all the little ones surrounding you. What you may not know is that there are a lot of great benefits in those little cities—especially Lodi. If you’re looking to get behind the wheel of a used car in Passaic, NJ, Mazda of Lodi is your best bet. Not only do we offer a huge variety of all makes and models, we make it easy for you to find exactly what you’re looking for. One of the best parts about getting a used car in Passaic from Mazda of Lodi is that we’re only ten minutes away.

We find that when the majority of our customers are looking for a new car, their focus is on high fuel economy at a low price. Well, that’s what we have to offer here and it has never been simpler to find both. Our used car inventory includes two separate filters to show all of our used cars over 30 mpg, and all of our used cars under $10,000. Once you’re in the inventory, you can arrange the cars in order of price and fuel economy. If you pick up a car that tops 30 mpg on the highway, that means you could pick up your car from our showroom in Lodi and make it back to Passaic without putting a dent in a gallon of gas.


Light up your life with a quality, affordable used car from Mazda of Lodi.

Don’t worry about financing options for your used car, either. Here at Mazda of Lodi, we know that owning a car is important, so we find ways to work with all types of credits and budgets. Get online pre-approval for financing and find out the trade-in value of your current car is. That way you can easily get a rough estimate and calculate your monthly payments. Don’t worry about coming to the showroom for all of this—it can all be done online. That’s right. You don’t even have to leave Passaic. We told you it was easy.

We offer a ton of different online options for the convenience of our out-of-city customers. It’s exactly what makes us the best dealership for those looking to buy a used car in Passaic, NJ. Spend some time on our website or make the short trip over to our showroom where you can actually sit back in the driver seat and experience exactly what it will be like when you sign next to every X and we hand you the keys. We hope to see you soon!