2019 Mazda3 hatchback exterior shot with red paint color parked in the background as a woman looks at it in the foreground

What Song is Playing in the 2019 Mazda3 “Feel Alive” Commercial?

2019 Mazda3 “Feel Alive” Commercial Music

Mazda has once again come out with a new “Feel Alive” commercial. This time it is for the upcoming 2019 Mazda3. Previous versions of Mazda “Feel Alive” commercials were accompanied by the song “Outro” by the electronic band M83. However, this time a new song scores the “Feel Alive” campaign. So, what music is playing with this new 2019 Mazda3 “Feel Alive” commercial?

Mazda “Dream Bigger” with Haley Reinhardt

Well, it seems Mazda has taken things rather literally for this outing. The song is in fact called “Feel Alive.” It a song by the artist Peter Sax. However, the version playing during this commercial is an acoustic version, though still performed by Peter Sax. This acoustic version, the original song, and more of Peter Sax’s discography can be found on Spotify and other music streaming services.

However, for now, please enjoy the commercial and the song which we’ve included separately below:

“Feel Alive” Commercial and “Feel Alive” Song

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