Don’t Let the Worst Case Scenario Catch You Off Guard

mechanic working on vehicleWhat to Keep in a Cold Weather Car Kit

As dependable and reliable your vehicle may be, mother nature has a twisted sense of humor and sometimes isn’t too kind to cars. In the event that you swerved to avoid another vehicle that lost control, your battery decided to clunk out on you, or the show drifts have barricaded you in, we’d like to at least help you prepare for this bad day before it turns into a worst case scenario.

An easy way to do this is by keeping a few necessary tools and items stowed away in your vehicle that can be accessed in case of emergency; therefore, we’d like to tell you a little about what to keep in a cold weather car kit.

Extendable shovel– this can be of great use when your tires are spinning and you’re literally digging yourself a deeper hole in the snow.

Scraper-windshield wipers have a tendency of freezing up and in some cases and brake or fling off. Also viability is a must to be sure to do your best to clear away any ice or snow before heading to your destination.

Jumper cables-even brand new batteries have been known to be killed by the cold. Whether it’s your vehicle that needs a jump, or you’re acting as a good samaritan, jumper cables are a huge help in cold weather conditions

Blanket-in the event that your vehicle does break down or even if your heat stops working, a blanket will help to insulate your body heat.

Gloves and hat-scraping and shoveling are miserable enough, but it’s extremely important to keep your skin from being exposed to the cold for too long because frostnip and frostbite only take seconds in extreme cold.

Road flares-when the snow is coming down hard and really starting to pile up, you just might get stuck for a while and have a sit tight. Road flares are a good way to signal for help if you’ve called for a tow truck or even to prevent other vehicles from hitting you, especially a plow truck.

From all of us at Mazda Lodi, we hope that you stay safe this upcoming winter season. In the event that your vehicle does break down or if you are looking for some routine service to ensure that your vehicle is running properly before the snow hits, be sure to stop by and our service team will have you fixed up and ready to go