Benefits of Mazda’s Accelerator Pedal Kickdown Switch

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Mazda’s Accelerator Pedal Kickdown Switch helps drivers maintain fuel efficient driving.

Why Is My Mazda Gas Pedal Hard to Push Down

New Mazda drivers often have questions or concerns about a sticking gas pedal in their vehicle. Reports from some of these drivers often indicate that the gas pedal can become more resistant when it is pushed down nearly all the way, causing some to ask, why is my Mazda gas pedal hard to push down? Some may also report a clicking occurring when the accelerator is pushed far enough. Though there are some vehicle problems that can cause a sticky or resistant gas pedal, many drivers are simply experiencing a Mazda feature known as the Accelerator Pedal Kickdown Switch.

What is the Accelerator Pedal Kickdown Switch

If your Mazda is equipped with the Accelerator Pedal Kickdown Switch, you may notice as you depress the accelerator nearly the whole way that there is increased resistance from the pedal. Mazda vehicles are designed for incredible fuel efficiency, and this features helps achieve that by helping you to maintain efficient acceleration and pressure on the pedal.

Should you want to unleash the full power and performance capabilities of your vehicle, however, you can easily do so. The Accelerator Pedal Kickdown Switch can be activated by simply continuing to apply pressure to the pedal. As you feel the pedal become resistant, continue to push a little bit harder until you feel a click. This activates full acceleration rather than maximizing fuel efficiency.

If, however, you are not experiencing what is described above, you may want to consider having your vehicle looked at by a service technician. Gas pedals that are sticky or do not lift and decelerate once you’ve removed your foot can be a cause for concern. Therefore, it is best to contact us about any sticking gas pedal concerns or see any Mazda recalls on your model.

Should the description of the Accelerator Pedal Kickdown Switch accurately describes why your Mazda gas pedal is hard to push down, you can enjoy this Mazda feature to help you maintain your fuel efficient driving.