Drive Safe With Our Top 5 Car Care Tips for Spring and Summer

top 5 car care tips for spring and summer car repair tips after winter Mazda of Lodi NJ

Make sure your vehicle is ready for warm weather fun with our top 5 car care tips for spring and summer.

Top 5 Car Care Tips for Spring and Summer

With the warmer months already here, it is a great time for fun road trips in your Mazda. A while back we gave you some tips on how to wash your car for spring, and now, we are taking things a step further by providing you with our top 5 car care tips for spring and summer. Be sure to get your car tuned up before you head out on spring or summer vacation.

Check your tire pressure
Tire pressure is often affected by outside air temperature. This is especially noticeable in the winter, when freezing temperatures can cause your tires PSI to drop. With temperatures warming up again, now is a good time to make sure your tires are filled to the proper level. Check your vehicle manual or look at the sidewall of your tire to determine its maximum PSI.

Test your car battery
Not much can be more frustrating than having a dead battery, especially if it leaves you stranded in an unfamiliar area. It can be a good idea to have the battery tested to see whether or not it needs to be replaced, especially if you have an upcoming vacation planned.

Check the state of your windshield wipers
The winter months can really do a number on windshield wipers. Ice and snow can wear them down and cause them to be less effective. See if any wears, tears or cracks have formed on your wipers. If that is the case, or if they seem less effective than they used to be, have them replaced.

Check over the suspension system
With all the potholes than can develop over the winter, it can be a good idea to have your suspension system checked. Doing so can help you sure you have the smoothest ride possible.

Bring your vehicle to a service technician for a checkup
Unless you are comfortable handling all of the maintenance needs required for your vehicle, it can be a good idea to bring your car in to be checked out. Service technicians, such as the qualified professionals at Mazda of Lodi, will be able to look through your vehicle to find out if any parts need replacing or spot any areas of concern. Schedule a service appointment with the automotive professionals at Mazda of Lodi right on our website.

With these top 5 car care tips for summer and spring, you are ready to start planning your warm weather road trips and vacations. For any further questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at Mazda of Lodi. Drive safe.