Using the Mazda Tire Pressure Monitoring System

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Maintaining proper tire pressure levels is a key part of regular vehicle maintenance.

How Does the Mazda Tire Pressure Sensor Work?

Proper tire inflation is a part of vehicle maintenance often overlooked by vehicle owners. Ensuring that your tires are filled to the proper levels is significant, however, and can keep you safe on the road while extending the longevity of your tires. To make sure the tire pressure monitoring system in your Mazda vehicle is reading the tires PSI correctly, you may wonder, how does the Mazda tire pressure sensor work?

The monitoring system works to detect low tire pressure in any of the vehicle’s tires. If this should happen, the system will alert you to this fact by displaying a lit icon in the instrument cluster. If this happens, it is important to check your vehicle’s tire pressure right away and ensure they are inflated to the proper levels, or you can schedule a service appointment online with Mazda of Lodi technicians.

Whenever you adjust the tire pressure in any of your vehicle’s tires, it is necessary to set the tire pressure monitoring system so that your vehicle knows what is considered a normal pressure level. This action should also take place after a tire rotation, tire replacement, or when the vehicle’s battery dies or is replaced.

Setting the tire pressure sensor is easy. Simply park the vehicle with the parking brake on. Make sure the tires have had time to cool down, and then adjust the tire pressure to the necessary level on each tire. Once the tires have been inflated, switch the ignition on and hold down the tire pressure sensor “SET” button until the tire pressure warning light flashes twice and a beep is heard.

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