Quick and Easy Advantages to Buying Used Cars


With all the advantages to buying used cars, be confident in your pre-owned search at Mazda of Lodi.

Advantages to Buying Used Cars

When it comes to convincing folks of the advantages to buying used cars, there might not be a lot of time to waste in crafting grandiose article introductions. So let Mazda of Lodi get right into it with advantage No. 1.

Though we fully accept any accusations of acting as Captain Obvious, the first value to consider is cost. Compared to what you’ll see on the stickers attached to new car models, there is certain a financial advantage to buying a used car. At Mazda of Lodi, the dealership even maintains a selection of vehicles priced $5,000 or less.


A value-packed automotive future is yours with the used car selection at Mazda of Lodi.

The cost of a vehicle has far-reaching effects, however. On account of the fact that new cars begin depreciating in value as soon as they are driven off the lot, many drivers are much more comfortable buying used. As is always the case, a vehicle’s fuel economy returns is also a significant factor in the determining value.

Carrying through on that same train of thought, lower insurance premiums are another advantage to buying used cars instead of new. Insurance companies offer coverage based on the overall value of your vehicle, so getting in with a vehicle that’s already considered depreciated to some extent can go a short way to pad your wallet.

Finally, take the idea that “used = outdated” and put it out of your mind. Most of the used cars at Mazda of Lodi are at least from model year 2010. This means all the technology features you want in your next car are likely to be there in one form or another.

To start getting personally acquainted with advantages to buying used cars, browse the selection of New Jersey’s Mazda of Lodi today. Then feel free to schedule a test drive at your earliest convenience with the dealership’s online appointment tool.