Mazda3 Remains One of Best Cars for Graduation Gifts


With 47.1 cubic feet of cargo space, the 2014 Mazda3 hatchback is one of the best cars for graduation gifts.

Best Cars for Graduation Gifts

At the time of this posting, there’s a good chance that many college seniors are working through one of the last final exams they’ll ever need to take. Many others may be studying for an exam that will take place within the next week, and others still may be cognitively consolidating all of the concepts they’ve learned by enjoying an extended period of morning rest (at least that will be the academic excuse for sleeping in).

Graduation season is upon us and with it comes a number of occasions for gift giving and celebration. From a student point of view, a new car has always topped the charts with respect to great graduation gifts (besides the gift of a job, of course). And from a parent point of view, few things could be more generous than giving the gift of real life certainty that comes with owning a new automobile. However, many who choose to express such generosity often find themselves asking “What are the best cars for graduation gifts?”


The 2014 Mazda3 is safe, efficient, and one of the best values among automobiles today.

Naturally speaking, a great graduation car will be well-priced, safe, efficient, and designed with enough space to move stuff out of your house and into an apartment. After surveying vehicles that industry experts are chattering about, the 2014 Mazda3 stands as one of the top candidates in the consideration of best cars of graduation gifts.

As far as safety is concerned, Mazda3 is an IIHS Top Safety Pick. As fuel efficiency goes, Road & Track named Mazda3 as Best Economy Car of the Year. Mazda brand value is established by Kelley Blue Book’s Five Year Cost to Own award, and the overall quality of Mazda3 is shown by its inclusion as one of Car and Driver’s 10 Best for 2014. Add in 47 cubic feet of cargo space and any college graduate will be more than prepared to start making their own way in this world.

One last accolade: Road & Track called Mazda3 the “…most rewarding car to drive in its class.” As one of the best cars for graduation gifts, Mazda3 is certainly a rewarding gift for your favorite member of the class of 2014.