100 Drivers Vie for Names on Mazda Miata 25th Anniversary Waitlist


The 25th Anniversary Mazda Miata in Soul Metallic Red and Brilliant Black.

Mazda Miata 25th Anniversary Waitlist

The 2014 New York Auto Show proved to be a momentous event for Mazda and its popular roadster. Not only did the automaker offer its first public showing of the chassis upon which the 2016 MX-5 will ride, but the 25th anniversary of the vehicle’s inception was celebrated with pomp and circumstance.

The crown jewel of that celebration is pictured above. It is the 25th Anniversary Edition of the Mazda MX-5, a 2015 model that will be as rare as it is beautiful. A press release from the automaker has confirmed that only 100 special edition models will be available in the United States, prompting the creation of a Mazda Miata 25th Anniversary waitlist.


Drivers lucky enough to get on the Mazda Miata 25th Anniversary waitlist will be driving a roadster with a serial number between one and 100.

To give every interested driver a chance to add their name to the list, Mazda has created a Web page specifically dedicated to the 25th Anniversary Edition opportunity. In addition to pricing for the special production car, the page includes a countdown until May 20 at 1:25 p.m. eastern—the time at which drivers can begin the scramble to reserve one of the 100 sought-after Miata coupes.

It is important to note that any participants attempting to submit multiple entries will be altogether removed from the Mazda Miata 25th Anniversary waitlist. Those who play by the rules and are fortunate to be submit one of the first 100 entries will be privy to a handsome opportunity, however.

Each Anniversary Mazda MX-5 will be dressed in Soul Metallic Red paint with a Brilliant Black retractable hard top. The 25th Anniversary badges will be complete with serial identification, counting up from the badge attached to the pre-production model shown at the New York Auto Show. Each driver will also receive a custom Tourneau watch—a brilliant complement to the hand-built engines that will be placed inside each Anniversary Edition Miata.

Drivers interested in adding their name to the Mazda Miata 25th Anniversary waitlist can sign up for updates at the page mentioned above. Once the time comes on May 20, Mazda of Lodi wishes all of the interested MX-5 fans the best of luck.