Flickering Car Lights Could Indicate an Electrical Problem With Your Vehicle

Causes of Car Lights Flickering

Electrical components like the alternator or voltage regulator could be at the root of flickering car lights.

Causes of Car Lights Flickering

If everything is working properly, the lights in your vehicle should produce a constant illumination, but sometimes drivers notice them flickering from time to time. There are a number of causes of car lights flickering, and it’s an issue you’ll definitely want to have checked out, as it could indicate an electrical problem.

fixing flickering car lightsWhy are my car lights flickering?

  1. Alternator: As the name suggests, the alternator produces alternating current, working with the battery to power the vehicle’s electrical systems. That’s why problems with the alternator could be signaled by dimming or flickering car lights or headlights.
  2. Ground Wires: When these become loose or disconnected power won’t be supplied like it should, which could manifest through flickering lights.
  3. Aftermarket Equipment: Some suggest that aftermarket equipment that tends to be power hungry can cause a flickering in the lights.
  4. Battery: Any time you notice such an electrical issue, it never hurts to check out the battery before doing anything else. You can have it tested by an automotive technician to make sure it is functioning as it should be.
  5. Voltage Regulator: This is another component that deals with your vehicle’s electrical system, regulating the voltage put out by the alternator. If it isn’t working properly, you could notice dimming or flickering lights as a sign of electrical problems.

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Though the list above may make this problem seem easy to diagnose, the truth is that these problems are not always that easy. Remember that a qualified automotive technician is the best option for finding causes of car lights flickering, and that the above list may not pertain to your situation.

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