How Do Mazdas Get Good Fuel Economy?


There is no singular answer to the question “How do Mazdas get good fuel economy?”

How Do Mazdas Get Good Fuel Economy?

Drivers who find themselves researching vehicles are likely to place a great deal of weight on the fuel efficiency of each new car, truck, or SUV that finds its way onto their Web browser. If any of those vehicles happen to be a Mazda, the fuel economy figures displayed for any given model may be enough to cause a neck-snapping double take. That’s because the zoom-zoom brand makes use of some integral SkyActiv engineering techniques, the likes of which Mazda of Lodi will highlight in answering the question “How do Mazdas get good fuel economy?

The first step in answering the question above is to realize that there is no singular method by which Mazda engineers its fuel-efficient line of cars and SUVs. SkyActiv principles represent a multi-faceted approach to vehicle design—an approach that considers many components including the chassis, engine, and transmission.


High compression ratios are a main feature of Mazda’s SkyActiv drivetrain technology.

In a roundabout fashion, the answer to the question “How do Mazdas get good fuel economy?” has been tackled from a number of perspectives on the Mazda of Lodi blog. The dealership has discussed how both the SkyActiv transmission and vehicle frame contribute to Mazda’s overall efficiency goals, and the merits of the SkyActiv engine have even held their place in the featured spotlight. One topic that hasn’t been fully fleshed out, however, is compression ratio.

In its simplest form, compression ratio is a measurement that describes the volume of an engine cylinder when the air and fuel are mixed together for combustion. Most cars have a compression ratio near 10:1, but SkyActiv engines operate with a compression ratio of 14:1. This means Mazda’s combustion takes place in a smaller, more compressed area than its traditional engine competitors. Consider how the effects of a controlled blast are experienced in a small room versus a large room and you’ll begin to provide your own answer to “How do Mazdas get good fuel economy?”

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