How Does Mazda G-Vectoring Control Work?

Mazda G-Vectoring Control System and Benefits Explained

How Does Mazda G-Vectoring Control Work?

Although Mazda hasn’t officially revealed much about the G-Vectoring Control system, if you follow Mazda in the news, you’ve no doubt seen it mentioned quite a bit. Because of that, we’ve been lead to try to explain a common question drivers are having: how does Mazda G-Vectoring Control work?

Before we dig into how the system works, we should first explain why Mazda is bothering with such a system in the first place. Simply put, the G-Vectoring Control system is designed to make driving easier by helping the vehicle go where you want it to go while reducing some of the stress caused by handling the steering wheel during longer drives.

As you drive your car around a corner, you’ll tend to make small adjustments rather than enjoy one smooth turn. This steering system helps change that by reducing the time it takes for the car to respond to your steering inputs. This has been accomplished by shifting weight to the car’s front tires during a turn by slightly easing up on engine torque, decreasing acceleration.

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mazda 3 instrument cluster rpm gaugeWhat Mazda Models Will Have G-Vectoring Control?

Now for those concerned about the driving experience, don’t worry. The G-Vectoring Control system will be so subtle you shouldn’t even notice the reduction in torque output. It really is surprising how such a subtle change can come out to big gains in steering and handling.

We won’t get into all the engineering and scientific specifics here, because what you probably really want to know is when it will come to Mazda models. Like we said, Mazda hasn’t revealed anything officially in a press release, but there are plenty of reports online that provide drivers like you with the information you’re after. It sounds like we’ll be seeing how Mazda G-Vectoring Control works for the first time on the 2017 Mazda 3 and Mazda 6 models.

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