Updating Your Mazda Navigation Maps Helps You Get the Most Accurate GPS Guidance on the Road

How to Update Mazda Navigation Maps

Be sure to check for Mazda navigation system updates frequently for accurate GPS data.

How to Update Mazda Navigation Maps

If your Mazda comes with a navigation system, you likely know just how useful it can be when traveling in unknown areas or when taking a road trip. But roads change from time to time, and in order to ensure your Mazda GPS system remains accurate, we’re going to explain to you how to update the Mazda navigation maps.

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There are two different procedures for doing this. One is for computers running a Windows operating system and the other is for computers running the Mac OS operating system. Find which one applies to you down below. Before getting started with any procedures, however, you will need to download the Mazda Toolbox here.

mazda navigation systemHow to Update Mazda GPS Maps on Windows Computer

  1. Once you’ve downloaded the Mazda Toolbox, you will need to open the “Mazda_Toolbox_Setup.exe” file to install.  
  2. Mazda also recommends creating a backup. To do this, open the Mazda Toolbox and then insert the SD card from your vehicle into your computer. You will be prompted to create a backup that can be used just in case your map data is lost during the update process. 
  3. Once backed up, you can select “Not Logged In” from the menu to log in. If you do not have a profile, you can click “Create A User Profile.” 
  4. Once logged into the Mazda Toolbox, you should notice a button on the left side of the menu. That button will be labeled “Device” if no update is available and “Updates” if an update is available. If it does say “Updates” you can click the button to view the “Please Note” information before beginning the installation process. 
  5. When installation is complete, you should create a second backup by selecting “Backups” from the menu on the left, and then “Create Backup.” 
  6. After the final backup is created, you can remove your vehicle’s SD card. 

How to Update Mazda GPS Maps on Mac OS

  1. Once you’ve visited the Mazda Toolbox page, you can select “Download Mazda Toolbox” and then “Download for OSX” if you have not done so already. Once downloaded, find your “documents” folder and open the “Mazda-Toolbox.pkg” file to follow the install instructions. 
  2. Once the Mazda Toolbox is installed, you can insert your SD card into your computer. 
  3. Open the Mazda Toolbox program. 
  4. When updates are available, the program will display a button asking you to “Download Latest Content.” Select this to start the update. 
  5. The Mazda Toolbox will indicate when the update is finished. 
  6. Select “Exit Toolbox,” and then remove your SD card. 

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If you run into any confusion regarding updating your Mazda navigation maps, you can contact us at Mazda of Lodi. Note that these procedures are updates for the 2016 model year.