2018 Mazda3 sedan interior view from driver's seat of dashboard and active driving display while on the road at night

How Do I Use Mazda’s Active Driving Display?

How to Use the Mazda Active Driving Display Technology

All cars have a dashboard display found behind the steering wheel. It is here where the fuel gauge and speedometer amongst other readings are relayed to the driver. However, select Mazda vehicles give drivers a further boost in assistance with Mazda’s Active Driving Display. So, what is Mazda’s Active Driving Display?

Mazda Active Driving Display Video Tutorial

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Mazda Active Driving Display Written Instructions

The Active Driving Display projects key driving, navigation, and safety information onto the windshield in front of the driver’s seat. Compared to traditional dashboard displays, the Active Driving Display keeps a driver’s focus on the road, meaning they never have to divert their attention elsewhere to receive crucial driving information.

2019 Mazda CX-3 new york international auto show interior front seating and steering upholstery design

2018 Mazda3 MAZDA CONNECT infotainment screen

Standard information displayed on the Active Driving Display includes, like a dashboard display, speedometer and fuel gauge readings. Additionally, if a route is set on the MAZDA CONNECT™ infotainment system, the Active Driving Display will project the next immediate direction. Furthermore, connected to the i-ACTIVSENSE® safety suite, driver assistance warnings and notifications are displayed. Safety technology incorporated with the Active Driving Display includes:

  • Blind Spot Monitoring

  • Lane Keep Assist

  • Mazda Radar Cruise Control

  • Smart City Brake Support

  • Traffic Sign Recognition

  • And More!

The Active Driving Display can be altered from the Settings page of the MAZDA CONNECT™ system. Drivers can change projection height, brightness, angle, and information they wish to have displayed. Drivers can also turn the Active Driving Display off if they find it to be a distraction. Pressing the Reset button will revert any changes made to the Active Driving Display back to factory settings.

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