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How Do I Check if My Mazda Model is Affected by a Recall?

Mazda of Lodi Recall Information Center in Lodi, NJ

We don’t expect that your vehicle is or will be affected by recall notice. However, sometimes mistakes or unforeseen circumstances do happen, even concerning the skilled craftsmanship and construction from the expert engineers employed by the Mazda automotive company.

Therefore, on occasion, drivers will need to have their vehicle tweaked or fixed concerning a vehicle recall. Issues that trigger a recall can range anywhere from incredibly minor to significant concerns. However, how is a driver to know if their Mazda model has been affected by a recall notice?

Under most circumstances, a letter should be delivered to the owner of an affected Mazda vehicle by mail. A dealership might also attempt to establish contact by phone or email. However, for those wanting more immediate confirmation, or have concerns despite not receiving a letter by mail, there’s a simple online method to check if your Mazda model has been affected by a recall and is in need of a service appointment.

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Mazda of Lodi Recall Department – Instructions

To check if your Mazda model has been affected by a recall, please click on the following link and complete its steps.


Mazda of Lodi Recall Steps

1. Locate your VIN (vehicle identification number).

2. Plug your VIN into our search box to check for eligibility.

3. If affected by a recall notice, call the staff of Mazda of Lodi to set up an appointment.


Additionally, for those with Mazda models outside of the Mazda of Lodi area, you can check your VIN status here.

In the event of a recall, a brand-affiliated dealership should cover any maintenance costs. All you’ll have to do is schedule an appointment and bring it into a nearby Mazda dealership equipped to make the changes/repairs. Most often, the easiest location will be the dealership where your purchase or lease of a Mazda model was made.

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For more information on Mazda models, news, and/or service, please contact us. The staff of Mazda of Lodi can be reached online, by phone, or in person. The Mazda of Lodi dealership is located in Lodi, New Jersey within the greater area of Bergen County.