Spring Cleaning Tips to Make Your Vehicle Shine!

It’s April and it’s finally starting to look like Spring! As you look around at Spring cleaning projects, don’t forget your vehicle! New Jersey Winters are tough on your car, so it needs a little TLC before Summer adventures. Keep reading to check out tips and tricks for Spring cleaning your car or truck!

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Spring Cleaning Tips for Cars and Trucks

  • Wash and Wax the Exterior
    • Give the exterior a thorough wash, making sure to clean off all of the debris and salt that is stuck to the exterior. Use wax to give your car a shine and protection from rain and other weather.
  • Don’t Forget Underneath
    • Dirt, debris and rock salt collect underneath your car, and unless you make sure to wash the undercarriage of your vehicle, it can turn into fast-spreading rust!
  • Lose the Junk in the Trunk
    • Do you really need those extra golf clubs? That bowling bowl? Lose it! The less weight you carry, the more efficiently your car drives, improving your vehicle’s fuel economy and saving you money at the pump!
  • Replace your Wipers
    • Windshield wipers are cheap and easy to replace, but they are often overlooked. Don’t get caught in a Spring rainstorm with worn-out wipers! Replace those wipers once every six months.
  • Vacuum! Vacuum!
    • Your shoes transport a lot of the elements into your car, especially after the Winter months. Thoroughly vacuum out the interior of your car, making sure to remove those floor mats to get all of that carpet clean.
  • Wipe Down that Dashboard
    • Use all-purpose wipes to give your dashboard and steering wheel a new shine. There’s nothing worse than a dusty interior.
  • Organize or disregard
    • Have a lot of junk floating around the cockpit? Trash underneath the seats? Get rid of it! Clean and organize your entire vehicle – we think you’ll like it!

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