Child Passenger Safety Week Highlights New Jersey Car Seat Rules


Child Passenger Safety Week is a great time to brush up on New Jersey car seat rules.

New Jersey Car Seat Rules

We have reached the half-way point of 2013’s Child Passenger Safety (CPS) Week in New Jersey. Each year the New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety sets aside one week to ensure that child safety measures in automobiles remain in line with the highest standards. The observance began on Sept. 15 and will culminate this Saturday with a number of seat check seminars across the state.

Ensuring the proper protection for children in the car can be less intuitive than it seems. In fact, three out of four child safety seats are improperly used or inaccurately installed. With CPS Week upon us, the time is ripe to brush up on New Jersey car seat rules.

Starting with the youngest passengers, children under one year of age are best protected in rear-facing, second row seats. After a child’s first birthday, rear-facing seats will likely be outgrown. While remaining in the back seat, the child can then be placed in a front-facing seat. This type of seat should accommodate the child until he or she reaches age four or 40 pounds.


Booster seats provide a safe seat belt fit for children age 4 to 8.

Children should sit on back seat boosters at age four. Booster seats position seat belts to protect the child’s smaller frame. Seat belts are ideally positioned when the lap portion lies across the upper thigh and the shoulder strap runs across the child’s chest.

New Jersey car seat rules require children both under the age of eight and under 80 pounds to continue using booster seats. Taking extra safety precautions is never a bad idea though. Even after the age of 8, continue to make sure your child’s safety belt is properly positioned to protect them. Children should remain properly seat belted in the back seat until age 13.

In addition to following New Jersey car seat rules, it is important to carefully read each car seat’s installation instructions and weight restrictions. To help parents ensure their children are protected, “Seat Check Saturday” will be held across the state on Sept. 21.

Mazda of Lodi joins the Division of Highway Traffic Safety in spreading the word on the importance of car seat safety. Click here for more information on New Jersey car seat rules and seat check locations.